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May 21, 2015

We have an exercise which presents users with a large list of words on a screen – they then select 5 of their favourite words and then present those words back to them on a later screen for the next step in this exercise.  Currently, users type their five selected words into 5 different text boxes, and we use variables to show their selected words in a later slide.

We would prefer the users to be able to select/click/highlight the words instead of typing them, and still be able to present the selected ones back to them in a later slide.  Is there a way of being able to do this please?

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Fiona Brammy

Hi Wendy

Thanks for such a speedy reply - while that has solved part of my problem, finding a way to summarise their choices neatly (ie a short list in a text box) is still an issue.  I have added in a slide to the file you prepared, which shows you how I am trying to represent the info.  Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fiona,

I'm also unsure what you would like to populate the variables on the 3rd slide? The first two slides seem to work as you'd like - although as you'll see it's not a perfectly formatted list on slide 2, as there is no way to move the items to not have spaces between them. That may be the part you could accomplish with Javascript - and I'd also have to defer to the community as it's  not something I'm equipped to support. 

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