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Jan 09, 2014


I have screen captured a walk through of a software for users and at one point they need to enter the correct number to move to the next slide. Everything is there for them, the narrator, the balloon the menu wording for them to get it right and if they do, they are take to the next slide. BUT, just before I went to publish it, I noticed that if I typed in the wrong numbers I can't change them and even if I go back to the previous slide and then come back to this slide, they wrong numbers are still there. Is this a variable thing and if so how do I learn what to do.

(When the users types in the wrong number a notification comes up saying it is incorrect and try again. If I try again it won't let me erase the wrong numbers)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikki,

How have you published the course? There is a known issue when you publish to  CD that you won't be able to use the backspace or arrow keys to change the text. 

You'll also want to check that you've allowed for more than one attempt when setting up the screen recording, as if you only have it set to one attempt the user won't be able to change the answer after submitting the slides. 

If you've checked the above and you're still having difficulty, can you share the .story file with us here? If you'd prefer you can also share it with us privately here. 

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