Users refreshing quiz when they don't like the question


I have a quiz that is built on a question bank in SL2.  If a user does not like the question they draw, they are able to refresh their browser and get a new question.  Everything is set to resume saved state, but it doesn't bookmark until they submit, so they can reload the page if they don't know--allowing them to cheat.  Thoughts?

They used to also refresh when they got it incorrect, but I've removed the feedback slides, so they don't know until the end if they answered correctly.  Not my favorite, but a working solution.   

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Katie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Great question! I'm surprised I have not seen this before, but upon a bit of testing I was not able to replicate the behavior you are mentioning. I get stuck on the same question. You can see my recording of my brief test here.

So, I'm curious how you have the resume behavior set or where you are experiencing this issue.

Do you see the issue with my published course? (Note: the QB starts at slide 2)

Lawrence Galitz