Users unable to open emailed project: Next Prev is the only thing they see after opening the story.html file as directed by email

Hi there - I sent out a project for review via email, but when the recipients unzip the file and open the story.html file (as instructed in the email), they only see "Next Prev" on an otherwise blank white screen. (attached)

They are using google chrome - not sure of the version. Is this a google chrome version issue? I remember seeing something like this a couple of weeks back, but have had no luck finding a fix in the past discussion threads.

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Kim Morris

Hi Terry and Joe,

Thanks for the quick response!

I published to Web and when that process was complete, I chose the email option to send the project to them. We did this about a week ago and there were no troubles. I haven't modified any of the publishing options - just went with the defaults.