Users unable to play published courses


I'm on Storyline 1, update 10. 

I am publishing for Web using these settings:

When I launch the resulting .html file, everything works just fine. Several users are unable to play the course, however. This is the case in IE 9, IE 10, and Firefox. In some cases, they just see a blank screen. One user is prompted to download a player when he launches the course in IE 10:

This is the first time I've encountered problems like this. Any idea what is causing them and how to fix it?


- Jennifer





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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jennifer -- Sorry to hear some of your learners are running into this problem! Have you had the opportunity to review this information on when Articulate Storyline 1 Content Won't Launch in the Articulate Mobile Player on iOS 9 Devices, by chance? Please let me know if that helps, and if not, you are welcome to share your file and I will do my best to assist you further. :)

Jennifer Williams

Yes - thanks. I'm publishing to my own hard drive, then copying the published files to a server that all users have access to. 

I've used the same publishing strategy for a series of similar courses and did not have this problem prior to update 10, as far as I know.

Jennifer Williams

We aren't using any Apple devices. The person who was prompted to install the player was using IE10 on a PC. 

I can't share the files in question because they contain proprietary information. If necessary, however, I could try to duplicate the problem in another file.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jennifer -- Thanks for your response, and I think I misunderstood due to the 2nd screenshot that states "You'll need it to view your course on your iPad." with respects to the mobile player app prompt. And yes, if you are able to share another file that will illustrate the behavior you are seeing without violating confidentiality, we'd be happy to take a look. :)