using 4:3 story size but video is 16:9

I need a little tutorial on story size and video size. 

I want to use a story size of 720x540 (4:3) because I have read in this forum this is the best size to display correctly on all devices. Plus I like the dimensions better.

The course is video heavy. It is being shot in HD at a 16:9 ratio (I think this is redundant). I know it won't display in HD when published. But what do I do about the story size? 

Does it matter? Am I asking the right question? Should the videographer do something different? 

p.s. I plan on inserting the videos as a web object instead of inserting the video file directly. I was told today that inserting the file doesn't work in html5. Comments?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

You can insert the video (either as a file or a web object) using the 16:9 format, and it just won't be full screen to your story size - but look like a wide screen video with blank space above and below. That may be what you're looking for if you'd like to add additional elements in the background.  There are certain video types not supported in HTML5, but for the most part they'll be re-encoded to an MP4 as detailed here.   The only scenario I can think of where you'd need to insert it as a web object would be for videos such as YouTube described here. 

Judy Nollet

As Ashley pointed out, inserting a wide video into the 4:3 format means the video won't fill the screen. But that can work in your favor if you design around it. For example, in a course with a "journey" theme, I had videos appear within a billboard by the side of a road. That made the video slides fit in with the static ones, and provided nice framing for the videos.