Using a Button to Navigate with Text Entry Field Conditions Not Working in IE11 When Published in HTML5


I've create a course in Articulate Storyline 3 where, on one slide, there are two text entry fields and a "Submit" button. Learners must enter something into both text entry fields or else the "Submit" button does not work. It does not matter what is entered. Here's how the trigger is setup:

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         When the user clicks [Submit button]

         If NameEntry is not equal to, ignore case (blank)

         AND DateEntry is not equal to, ignore case (blank)

This trigger works perfectly in Chrome, but it will only work in IE11 if learners press their "Enter" key or click away from the text entry fields prior to clicking the "Submit" button. 

Is there a way around this for IE11 when the course is published in HTML5? It works perfectly in Chrome and when I published in Flash for IE11, but I don't want to use Flash... ever again...

Thanks for any help you all can provide!

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Christie  Bonamassa

Thanks Matthew! I just tried this workaround and think I've done something incorrectly.

I've attached screen shots, but basically I added the | to separate the variable name from the description for users.

The result was the variable name displaying ahead of the description/instruction for users and the field still requiring users to click away from the field before the button trigger works.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thank you again!

Christie  Bonamassa

Hi Walt! Thanks for the info. I tried Zsolt's workaround by publishing in both Tin Can and SCORM for the web and for my LMS (I added the line to the lms index file, too). The result is always the variable name showing when I test this through the LMS or for the web file and no workaround to deselecting the fields. 

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks again!