Using a condition to control media.

Hello, I am working on a project that has one main page and is triggered to open other scenes once a user clicks on the related shape to activate the trigger.  On the main title page their is a media file attached that will say something of the affect to "Welcome to this main page".  Is there anyway to set up a trigger so the audio will only play one time and the subsequent time the user will access the main page to get to the other scenes.  

Note* in each additional scene there is a quizzing section that automatically brings them back to the main page.



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Scott Wiley

I would suggest putting the audio you want to play once on its own layer, not the base layer.

Then on entering that slide, show that layer based on whether a variable ("firstView" perhaps?) is true or false.

If "firstView" is true, show the layer and on that layer have a trigger that turns the variable to false.

Next time you go to that slide, the variable will be false so the audio layer will not be shown.

Hope that helps.