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Hi All - Long time listener, first time caller. 

We're building out a certification program where the learner must take 6-8 different SL2 courses and then a final exam, which is its own individual SCORM package. We want to give the learner two shots at the final exam before resetting the 6-8 courses before it to a status of incomplete (thus blocking the final exam until all courses are "re-completed"). 

We're using Moodle (for now) and I can't find anything there to reset a course status based on failing another. Is there anything that can be done within the SCORM packages to make this work? I would think the controls here would lie within Moodle, but keep coming up empty.


All suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!  

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Dan Marsden

nothing out of the box in Moodle - but if you have some budget for this you could ask a Moodle developer to write a plugin to do this - I'd do it by monitoring the event that gets triggered on scorm completion and if it detects that all attempts for a specific scorm have been used and the learner hasn't passed the package then reset all previous attempts.

Totara (a fork/distribution of Moodle) contains something they call "re-certifications" which is used for courses that need to be completed frequently like a health & Safety course that must be completed each year - but afaik it doesn't allow you to detect an incomplete/fail and then force the learning to be completed again.

Dennis Hill

I know this is an old post, but I certainly need to do the same. Constructing a course in Rise and SL for a client to be hosted in Totara LMS (Moodle). They would like anything below 50% to trigger a complete reset of the course for that student, whereby 50% - 80% would trigger a second attempt at the exam. 80% is enough for a pass.

The way I see it, LMS developers need to start providing more flexibility within the LMS.

If anyone finds a solution let me know.