Using a graded question to skip a scene, using same question at end of scene as well

So, I am working on a project that is an overview of a website and all of it's functionality. I will have learners at different knowledge levels, that may be familiar with some of the functions of the site but not others. I would like to give them an option of "testing out" of sections they may be familiar with. My first thought is giving them the option as they enter each section to opt into answering a question about that particular section and if answered correctly they may forgo that section. If they do not answer it correctly they will then be redirected to the scene covering that specific function and presented the same question at the end. I would be open to different questions at the end as well, it just seems less likely as they need to be graded questions to validate their knowledge in each function. Please let me know if anyone has ever attempted this and found or not found a way to make this happen. Thanks.

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