Using a hover in a table


I could use some help.

I'm hoping to use hover on the attached table.  The table will be used in multiple lessons starting with the row containing Concept 1 and ending with Concept 6. 

For instance, I'd like in the first lesson to have the learner hover over and show Concept 1. In the second lesson, I'd like the learner to hover and show Concept 2 and so on until the last lesson using Concept 6. Ideally, each of the previous lessons will stay "normal" with the table looking completed at the end of the last lesson. 

Lastly, I'm importing this table(s) into Rise.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do and if not, any suggestions on how to do something similar? 

Thank you!


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Tom Kuhlmann

The hover interaction is easy enough to build with hover and visited states in the cells or perhaps triggers to layers or something

Do you want the person to hover over the table and select concept 1 as a lesson that they see in the table? Or do you want that to jump to a lesson inside of Rise and then come back with the table indicating it was completed? If so, that's not possible to connect Rise and Storyline blocks like that.

But you could create an interactive table with lessons in Storyline and then insert it into Rise.

Holly Greene

Hello Tom!

Thank you for your help.  I'm eager to build this interaction and greatly appreciate your expertise. 

I'd prefer the learner hover over each Concept row per lesson.  So, in lesson one, they'll hover and see Concept 1 and in lesson 2, the learner will hover and see Concept 2. By the end of the course, they will have hover/seen the Concept 6 and all concepts. 

However....if you have another idea to share, I'd love to see it and hear how to do it. :)


Tom Kuhlmann

I get that part. If you insert the Storyline table in Rise, they are two separate parts. That's why I was asking if you expect the learner to use the table and then access the lesson in Rise. You can't do this.

But if you build the content in Storyline you can. You can still insert the table in Rise using the Storyline block, however, everything has to be contained within Storyline.


Holly Greene

Sorry, Tom.

I don't need the  table to jump to another lesson.  Instead, just per lesson reveal the Concepts. 

So, my plan was to build the table in Storyline using States and/or Triggers and then import into Rise.  I viewed a few samples in the Community yet don't understand how to make what I want to do work.  Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


BTW: Attached is a draft source document.