Using a shape to hide objects issue



I am using a shape to hide some objects on my slide. I use the color picker eyedropper to select my slide background color as the color for the shape.


The issue I have is that the shape is visible in the slide; the colors do not match 100%. I was hoping that the user would not be able to tell that a shape was there.


It's not an outline (I didn't use an outline), but you can see a difference in color of the shape compared to the background. My background has a 50% transparency. If I select the same color as the background for my shape and add the 50% transparency, the objects become visible again.


Any idea how to have my shape not be visible to the user, but still able to hide objects?



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David Oskorus

Hi Sanju-

Looks like you are using the multiple response as a means of tracking the text fields being answered correctly.

Seems like a lot of extra work if all you want to do is test the values of the text entered in the text fields. You can check all of those with conditions that evaluate the various NumericEntry variables when the user clicks the submit button.

If you really want that kind of state toggling functionality that you have set up, you can do the same kind of thing with a simple shape like a small rectangle. The difference is that you can place the rectangle off the stage.

In your example create 5 little rectangles,  set the initial state of each of them to hidden, then move them off to the stage. You can use your same logic, only instead of changing the checkboxes to selected, change the rectangles to normal.

Sanju T

David - Would that method be able to pass a score to a Results page? I have 5 total questions (slides).

The checkbox method was suggested to me. It solves the issue of not being able to evaluate multiple text fields for one question.

Do you know why I can see my shape when previewing or when published, but not in the SL editor?


David Oskorus

Yes, if you set it up on a Freeform Pick Many, it should.
You could use the rectangles and still move them off the slide, but instead of changing them from hidden to normal when the correct answer is entered, you'd change the state from normal to selected.

As far as your color problem. I think it's being caused by the fact that one is partially transparent, while the other is not. Can you simply set both shapes to #A0A0A0 and 0% transparent?