Using a slider for quiz involving objects

I am trying to build a quiz in which the learner has to slide the button to the appropriate value to answer the question correctly.  As soon as the question is answered correctly, another image will pop up and the learner will answer in the same way.  

The 'questions' are images of various instruments. The learner has to move the slider to the appropriate word to answer correctly.  I plan to use this interaction 4 times to complete the quiz.  

How can I do this?  Layers?  I have the imaged change to 'hidden' as soon as the learner answers correctly but I can't figure out how to make the next image show up.  I have attached a screenshot of what the quiz looks like.  


thank you in advance!

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Walt Hamilton

Best pedagogical practice dictates that the learner have more control; that is, they need freedom to move the slider as much as necessary, then when they are satisfied, take a deliberate action that indicates they have made their choice and are satisfied with it,

Putting all this on one slide and using layers may sound glamorous, but will involve a lot of complications. If you are like I am, and subscribe to the "simplest ways are the best" school of design and thought, there is a less complex way. Develop this slide completely as if it were the only question in the quiz. Give the learner something to click to say "I'm through here, please check my answer". You can make this a Pick One built-in quiz, or just use a variable to keep track of what choice is made. It depends on what you want. Then when you have this slide functioning, duplicate it three more times. On each one, place the picture of a different family, and change the triggers to correspond.

My preference would be to have the learner choose, then give immediate feedback, then move to the next choice. You may have good  and valid reasons for not doing that. Whether you create your own answer handling system, or use a built-in one, you can create triggers that check the answer, and jump to the next slide, giving the impression that this image disappeared, and a new one took its place.

If you would attach the .story file (or at least that slide) here, I could give you some ideas of how it would work. I could make a sample slide, but then either you would lose all your work on this glorious slide, or you would lose all my work because you have to copy it all over to your slide.

Mari Mizutani

Hi Walt - 

Thank you for the feedback.  I totally understand what you mean by quiz simplicity.  I am in an ID program right now and just learning all the things I can do.  So I think I was a little overzealous!  That said, I have been learning a lot just by experimenting.

Here's the link:


Don't mind the typos, I am just focused on the quiz element.  

I have toyed with a few drag and drop quiz idea slides that I included.  Would love some feedback.