using a slider to move an object

Aug 08, 2019

can i make a slider control and objects movement on an animation path for instance the start of the slider is the start of the animation and the end is the end, but it will only play as the slider moves along?

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Stephen Tippett

I can't figure out how to move the object with more than one state.  My object will only move to the 1st variable state, despite having built it with 4 variable states to move the truck along a line when advancing the slider.  Do you know what is different from the example?  I'm trying to replicate the animation as the one posted above.  The States and Triggers look the same, but the animation is not working in the same way.

David Schwartz

Hi Stephen,

The issue is with the slider properties. They were set to the default with an end of 10 and steps of 1.

Set them to an end of 30 and step of 10, and it works. I tend to use steps of 5 or 10, and think of them as percentages, and name the states the same way, which makes the triggers easier to view, if that makes sense. So if I were doing this in 10 steps (actually 11 including the 0 state, I would set the end to 100.

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