Using a Slider Variable to Direct Learners to a Future Slide

Hi all!

I have another technical question. For the course I am building, I am having learners use a slider to select their answer. They will then ALL go through a few more slides after the slider. In the final slide, I need to be able to direct them to a particular slide based on the decision they made during the slider interaction (i.e. if they selected low complexity, they would then see the low complexity slide).

I know how to do this if I want learners to be directed to  particular slide based on their choice RIGHT AFTER the slider interaction (i.e. jump to slide "x" if slider variable = blank), but I don't know how to have them all go through a few more slides together and then direct them toward a slide based on their previous selection.

Any thoughts?? 


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Michael Hinze

Since the selected slider value is available to any subsequent slide (not only the slide where the slider interaction resides), you can use the same approach on the 'decision slide' (where ithe branching happens). For example, you could add triggers to the Next button to go to slide x when slidervalue is x, go to slide y when slidervalue is y, etc.

Nathan Rightmer

Michael and Gary - since you were both so helpful with my first slider question. I was hoping you could help me with another. 

So right now I have my slider setup to stop at three places. The first stop is at the very start of the slider, the second stop in the middle and the last stop at the end.

I have created triggers for when the slider variable is "equal to" the value of the stop to change the rectangle above to a "selected state," which is really just a darker green color.

The problem I am having is that since the slider counts the very beginning of the slider to be position 1, when the learner moves the slider from position 1 to 2, the position one rectangle will not change into selected. It will only change when the learner moves the slider from position 1 and then back.

I hope this makes sense...what I am trying to do is get the first rectangle to change to state of selected when the slider is actually moves beneath the rectangle.

Please let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks.


Gary Collins

Three things you need to do.

1. Add your 3 rectangles to a Button Set. This way when one gets selected the others will change back to normal.

2. Set the first rectangle so that it's initial state will be selected. 

3. Create 3 slide triggers each changing the state when the slider variable is equal to the value of the position under your rectangles.

Modified the last sample. Let me know if this is what you were after.

Nathan Rightmer

Excellent. Thank you Gary. The only item I would like to do a little differently is I would prefer if the first rectangle was not set to selected initially...that the slider was further to the left so as it's actually being dragged the first rectangle's state would change to selected. Is this possible? 

Gary Collins

That's easy enough.

Just give your slider for positions. But modify your triggers so they are checking for the values 1, 2, 3 position 0 would be the first position which would be the start.

You will also have to modify your other screens that are checking the slider variable as you are now changing the values of the positions.