Using an external player for video playback via CDN using JWPlayer

Has anyone used a player external to Articulate for video playback? For example, I want to be able to use something like JWPlayer inside of Articulate Storyline for video playback.


  • I cannot store our  video files on Youtube to use the <iframe> method of embed.
  • With 700 videos, I don't want to make 700 URLS and then 700 WebObjects in Articulate. 
  • All my videos need to be on a CDN for global consumption
  • I need greater flexibility of the player rather than wrapping a video file in an <iframe> and leaving it up to the user's browser to play the file.
  • Half my users are on HTML5 browsers and 1/2 need a flash player. All are accessing the info via LMS.

Has anyone...

  • Tested placing javascript into the story.html file to load an external or cloud player, and then an embed code that indicates the variables for the video file?
  • ebmed an iframe into articulate that contains a URL to a player.html file and a query perameter that can be passed off to that page to locate and play the video.

Of course, if there is an easier way, or if anyone has another way, I am all ears, but I have not seen any posts about this topic. Thanks in advance for any help this community can provide. 

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