Using Articulate 360 with ServiceNow


Please let me know if I need to provide more info but my company wants to utilize a survey that I developed in Articulate 360 but wants the results to be populated into either a word or excel document in ServiceNow (which is an IT ticketing system). 

Does anyone have any knowledge of ServiceNow and if there is a way to integrate a articulate 360 course with this program?

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Content Developer

I've never used ServiceNow, but found on their website that they have a Javascript API, both server-side and client side. So (in theory) you could make an API call with Storyline, using javascript, and populate the call with all the data from your course. The API is public:!/api_doc?v=newyork&id=client .

If you're not familiar with javascript, you will need a javascript developer to dig into the API and write the code, but it's not going to be super-difficult (the API looks decently well-documented).