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Jan 24, 2015

I have a client that wants to put a program on a CD and have it autorun. I published the Storyline for CD, zipped it up and sent it to him.  After he burns the disc, he cannot get the CD to automatically start when he puts it into the drive.  Can someone please help me with this, it's driving me crazy.

Thank you

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter

are you using SL1 or SL2 - I know others have posted about CD publishing - see first link - not directly related to auto run though and the second link is to the Articulate KB

Just checking - your client is 'extracting' the zipped files? before trying to access them

Peter Gallup

I am using SL 1.  After I published for CD, I zipped the program.  I was using my local C drive to publish.  I sent the zipped file to the client and told them to extract the zipped folder and then drag to the CD and burn.  The autorun file is there, so I'm not sure why it doesn't auto start for my client.

The client needs to be able to burn the CD's so that they autorun when inserted.  I can't burn the CD's for them, it would be constant.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter, 

For autorun to work the published output needs to be at the root level of the cd, not in a folder.

So if your CD-ROM is the D: drive the path should be D:\autorun.inf, notD:\my_presentation\autorun.inf.

If the directory structure of your CD is correct and autorun is still not working please refer to the Microsoft Support site KB article:

The AutoRun feature or the AutoPlay feature does not work when you insert a CD-ROM in the drive

Peter Gallup

The root level is where I am getting confused.  Does that mean that I'm the only one that can create a disc that will autorun, because I'm the author of the program?  Below is a capture of the contents in the zipped folder.  Can't my client just unzip the folder and burn it to a disc and have it automatically start when inserted?  I don't have a path for D drive, but it sounds like the only way this will work is that I have to publish it with a disc in.  My client will not be able to do this, is that correct?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete,

You won't publish directly to the CD, but publish to a local drive and then burn the contents of the entire published output folder to a CD.  You're going to need the autorun.inf file in CD-published output that lets your course automatically launch when it's burned to a CD and played on a Windows PC.

If your course doesn't autorun as expected, make sure the published output is burned to the root of the CD, not a folder on the CD.From your first screen shot I can't tell if thats a folder on your CD or not. 

If your course still won't autoplay, see these Microsoft articles for solutions:

Peter Gallup

Just to follow up, because it seems no one ever does on here, I got the auto run to work on a CD.

There is a file titled "Loader" this must be there for auto run to work. If you choose zip after publishing, articulate doesn't include this! You must manually zip the output folder to include "loader".

Once your program is published, drag the contents on the CD and let the CD burn the program.

Also, in windows, you must turn on an option (control panel, autoplay) that says software and games, change this from default to "Install or run program from your media".

Now you should be good to go.

just a quick bit of advice to the Staff and anyone else talking about it must be at the root of the CD. That's true, but without the "loader" it will NEVER work.  


Krzysztof Kwasniewski

Hi all

I have another problem I need to add "published by ..." info in popup window, which is automatically displaying when someone insert CD with content.

I was trying to add information in field author in Project Info, but it doesn't work.

Do you have any advice? Thank you in advanced.


Krzysztof Kwasniewski


I've checked all in datails, also great thanks for John form Articulate support.

Here is what I find:

To show publisher name in popup windows which is displaying when CD or DVD start you need to modificate exe file from Storyline with Microsoft Digital Sign with tool signtool.exe that is located in your Microsoft SDK more information

To be honest: I don't know if is possible in easy way to modificate Storyline output exe file (Storyline do not support modifying published output) in that reason I find another way to partly resolve that problem.

1. You can change Storyline output exe file name for your own (you need also modificate autorun.inf file)

2. You can also create and add own icon  (here you need also to modificate content of autorun.inf file

When you do that modification when CD/DVD start user can see your own name file and your graphic icon which looks good. Icon will be displaying also in all hardisk view.

I've record screencast with details which you can find here:

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