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My department and I just recently switched from using Captivate to Storyline. In Captivate, sometimes we would add a "next Button" and assign a point value to the button. When the user clicked, we they would receive those points which would give them a completion for the course. Is there an option to do something similar with buttons and triggers in Storyline? Or can we only work through the quizzes? Please let me know.



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Steve Flowers

Hi, Jessica - 

There are two built-in ways to trigger completion in Storyline. One is by referencing a single quiz result score, the other is by tracking the number of slides viewed (for example, 18 of 20 slides viewed would trip the threshold). This is configured in the publish settings but once configured all of the calculations happen for you behind the scenes.

There are a number of things you can do with variables and triggers in combination with the quiz feature as well as JavaScript. Using these you're able track and trigger completion using any conditions you can imagine