Using Camtasia to convert Storyline 2 to MP4

When I use Camtasia to record and convert Storyline 2 files to mp4 format, the recorded "system audio" comes out sounding "tinny". I end up deleting the audio from the Camtasia project, and then reimporting all the original sound bytes and matching them up to the video.

My questions:

1) What tool(s) do you use to convert Storyline 2 to mp4 format?

2) Do you need to rework the audio on those mp4 files?

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Mike B.

When you go to "Produce" the project, there is an audio tab. I can't look right now because I'm actually rendering a project out of Camtasia. Hmmm...are you using version 8? This seems to indicate that version has an inherent audio quality problem.

Jim Rehmann

I think your message might have been mis-stated.

"Ok. Does it sound okay in Camtasia before you export? If not, check Camtasia's audio export quality too. Does it sound okay when listening to it locally in the browser right out of Storyline? Just wondering if Storyline's audio export quality is turned down."

There is no audio export quality setting in StoryLine.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jim!

I think Mike is referring to this:

When you record narration in Articulate Storyline, MP3 files are generated with an audio bitrate of 192 kbps. These audio tracks are stored in your project file. (Tip: To make a backup copy of your narration or use it in other projects, export it with Storyline's audio tools.)

When you publish, the MP3 files get re-encoded at the audio bitrate you specified in the quality settings:

  • Standard uses an audio bitrate of 56 kbps.
  • Custom lets you select an audio bitrate between 16 kbps and 160 kbps.

You will see this under Properties > Quality in your Publish dialog as indicated in this tutorial.