Using Caps Lock as a trigger

May 29, 2018

I'm working on a software simulation. The user needs to enter info using all uppercase letters. So as a first step, I have them press the Caps Lock key. I've set up a trigger that should advance to the next slide when the user presses the Caps Lock key. This works fine in preview mode, but it doesn't work when published for the Web or an LMS. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance the community is able to provide.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Lynn. I uploaded it here to Review to give it a quick test, and it looks like I was able to use the caps lock key to advance. Can you give that a test for me?

I wasn't sure if you were using Storyline 3 or 360, but you could also test by uploading content to SCORM Cloud for LMS testing and/or Tempshare for web testing.

Lynn Kepford

Thanks for taking a look at it. I'm using 360, which was one of the ways I tested it. I also tested it on our LMS. Caps Lock didn't work in either place. It also didn't work in the versions you uploaded. I thought it might be a problem that was specific to my computer, but I had a co-worker test it with the same results.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lynn,

Thanks so much for sticking with us on this! We've done some further testing, and we found that pressing the Caps Lock key to advance to the next slide doesn't work unless the learner first clicks on the slide itself. Essentially clicking the player Next button is taking the focus away from the slide. 

If you click on the slide before pressing Caps Lock, you'll be able to advance to the next slide. Also, if you place a button on the previous slide and use that to jump to the Caps Lock slide (instead of the player Next button), the Caps Lock keypress trigger will work correctly. 

Will the workaround of using a button on the previous slide to jump to the Caps Lock slide work for now? I'll tag this discussion to be updated with any changes on this behavior. Sorry if it's slowing you down!

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