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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Holly!

It could be as simple as needing to adjust your Object on your Trigger to the actual slide or it could be a result of some of the following.

Some keystrokes are common keyboard shortcuts for web browsers—for example, F1, Alt+D, and Ctrl+T. Because learners view published courses in a web browser, some keystrokes could result in unwanted behavior. We recommend testing your published output before deploying it to ensure it works as you'd expect. You may need to adjust some of the keystroke requirements for your interactive elements if there's a browser conflict. See this article for more information.

There was also an update that addressed an issue, so be sure you're utilizing the latest update:

You may find that key-press triggers you've assigned to a slide don't work if you click the slide in your Flash output before invoking the key-press triggers. This issue was fixed in Update 7 for Articulate Storyline 2. See this article for details.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Holly, 

What occurs when you try to use that trigger? Have you tested it in any other browsers to see if it's dependent on the browser? I know the common key press items such as CTRL V are typically reserved for the copy/paste/cut functionality - so that is likely what you're running into and if so I'd look at a different trigger set up or investigate workarounds such as Javascript which is not something we can offer support for, although the community is well versed in creating Javascript and may be able to weigh in here.