Using drop down question types

I am having difficulty with a question type which uses drop down options for answers.  If you have two answers that are identical how can the system differentiate between the right choices? 

For instance, in a hypothetical question, the choices are:

a.) oxygen = increase

b.) nitrogen = decrease

c.) carbon dioxide = decrease

Currently when I test this the system reads each "decrease" answer as different. Thus c.) decrease cannot be selected for b.) answer option.

Hope this is clear.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Neil,

Unfortunately, the system can't tell that either instance of "decrease" should be acceptable for items b & c. 

I suggest you use a multiple choice/response question instead. Either do a single-response question that asks which of the following should be increased, or do a multiple-response question that asks which of the following should be decreased.

Another option would be to create a freeform question that includes 2 radio buttons (Increase and Decrease) for each of the options. (In essence, that'd be a type of multiple-response question. It'd just look different than the built-in versions.)