Using "Enter/Return" in Try or Test mode

I am trying to create a Try scene in which the user must type text on the screen, then hit Enter (Return on some keyboards) to create a new line of text.

I do all the associated steps (including hitting the Enter key) during the recording, but when I preview the scene, I can only type the first line of text.  When I try to click Enter to type the second line, I get the "Incorrect" message box.

Does Try mode not recognize clicking Enter as an action?  If not, is there a workaround?

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Luke Benfield

Go to your Try slide with the text entry and click on Form View.

In the middle area there is a Submit Keys field, and I believe the default key is Enter. Click the X to clear it. I haven't tested whether SL will recognize Enter in the action recording, but at the very least, this will prevent the Enter button from submitted an answer.

Edit -

Actually, I forgot that the above will probably not work on the Try mode since it is a Text Entry interaction and not a paragraph interaction. Here is some info on how the Enter key works in SL. Wanted to keep the above details for reference though. Someone may have a better solution for you, but you may need to create a Survey-Paragraph slide and then place it where the text entry slide would be. 

May take a little more time, but you can probably replicate everything and get the functionality you're looking for. Hope that helps.

Christopher Danello

Thanks.  I had tried something similar.  I changed the submit key to "Tab".  I also just recorded the scene and mouse-clicked each line to separate the actions.

In each instance, it worked and I was able to move to the next action.  However, a new problem emerged. 

When I click enter or Tab, in these scenes.  The text I previously typed disappears and has the user type the new line in it's place.  Then all the text appears later in the scene. 

I really need the previous lines to stay visible when typing the new lines.

Has anyone come across this particular problem?

Luke Benfield

Once you enter information in a text field, it will be entered stored for that variable. You can call that information and place it wherever you need in future slides by adding a text box, entering the variable name, and putting percent symbols on either side - %variable1%

With some tinkering and testing, you can have previously entered lines of text appear on future slides so it looks like you're continuously working on the same slide with multiple interactions.

Is that what you're looking for?