Using Flash Media Server with Articulate Suite / Storyline

Jun 25, 2012


Our design/development team currently uses the Articulate Suite as well as Adobe Captivate to produce e-learning content. Although most of our needs can be met using Articulate products, we have a Flash Media Server (v 3.5x) that requires rtmp streaming which works with Captivate and not the Articulate products (including Storyline).

It looks like with Flash Media Server 4.5 there is the option for rtmp or http dynamic streaming.
Does Articulate Storyline support streaming using the http protocol, or does it only support progressive downloads?

It would be great to be able to use one tool!

We are currently evaluating Storyline and Captivate 6.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Rebecca Watson

Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for the info Peter. The documentation does not specifically state that it supports streaming using the http protocol and/or using playlists. So, if anyone can verify this that would be great. Trying to sort out the options given we currently use the Flash Media Server.


Rebecca Watson

Thanks David. Now I get it. This is true with Captivate as well,  although that product has  the alternative option of incorporating the video into the timeline (aka slide video). So, given that information, I am not sure if using a media server for Articulate is even that advisable? Better to keep the exported package in the same place.


Ricardo  Allen

Hi  Rebecca, 


I know this has been a 2-year discussion however I am having an issue now with protecting my video content deployed in Articulate Storyline on the web. I have been simply adding my videos to my storyline project and then publishing, but I have realized that a number of internet download software ( can actually rip these videos from the articulate player. As a result, I need to find a solution that either eliminates or makes it more difficult to download my video content.

I am looking in Adobe's Flash Media Server Solution to stream videos through HTTP and simply reference these videos in my Articulate file. Before I proceed however I just want to be sure that this concept can work and if possible, you could share your experience with - that would be great!

Additional Information:

My videos are saved in MP4

I use a Rackspace Server Solution

Courses are deployed inside an LMS



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