Using Freeform Motion Path

I am building a course where I need a plane to move along a curve but I am having trouble getting it to work using a Freeform motion path. When I use it, the plane movement is very jittery.

In another course that used Freeform, the movement was smooth.

I've attached a screenshot of the path that I need the plane to travel on.

I've read on the forum that you can use curves or turns, but how do I use a turn motion path and have the plane change direction as it's moving?


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jane,

Another thing to check, as this can give the appearance of a jittery movement, is that the Direction under Path Options is set to None. By default, this is set to In & Out which causes your plane to start off slowly and increase speed and then do the reverse at the end of the path. The setting of None will result in constant speed throughout:

Jane Kuo

Thanks for the replies. I used those settings and it's looking like when the plane is moving around the curve, it has these fast jerky movements. It should be moving around the curve and not be jerking around like I had change the orientation of the plane. I checked the image state, and there is no change in the orientation.

Is there another setting I am missing?

Jane Kuo

I am having trouble getting the curve motion path to work. When it turns the curve, the plane is slanted instead of pointing to the right and does the same thing as it's coming around, but is slanted to the left.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. 

Is there an easier way to do what I need?