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Jan 29, 2014

Hello there, I am working a new project related to Cyber Security and I am looking for ideas/templates to use for build in interactivity and games, games, games.  I found some links to the jeoparday game which was great and am looking for more games similar to this, Wheel of Fortune, crossword puzzles, things that people at all levels within the organization can relate to.  Thank you for your input and suggestions. 

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Denise W

Hi Richard, the skills/knowledge is related to cyber security, how to be more diligent around your workspace, usuage of email and creation of passwords so that users can better protect themselves.  I'm using a cops/robbers theme to set up my storyline and wanted to add some games so that the learning is more interactive to improve learning retention.  The intent is to have the course be created for work, but relatable so that learners can apply it to their personal life as well. 

Richard Knudson

That sounds like a great course!

One idea might be a workspace (picture or graphic) with a number of problems which the learner needs to identify (like a pick many interaction). It could work like a hidden image game.

Another idea is to create a story arc throughout the course where the learner helps a specific character clean up his/her security errors. Instead of a quiz, the learner scores points as they make correct choices and must achieve a certain score to complete the course. Then, they can review missed sections to achieve a higher score if they fall short.

I don't have any templates for a Cops and Robbers module, so my apologies on that.

I hope my ideas help a bit.


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