Using Google Earth in Storyline

Hi there,

I'm currently designing a travel course in Storyline 360.  I'm a new user to Storyline and I want to use bookmarks from Google Earth, which also gives you some great information on visiting places etc.  Is there a way of having these bookmarks embedded in Storyline, and being able to navigate Google Earth through the learning module?  I have attached an image of my bookmarks - if you click on the blue plane when using Google Earth, it takes you to another page which provides more information on the country, interesting facts and places to visit. 

Is there a solution to this or would I need to screen capture every page and add triggers?

Hope you can help!


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Perry Papageorgiou

Hi Michael,

Appreciate your reply and thanks for help.  

I must be doing something wrong because when I add it as a web object and test the link it works but when I preview it, it doesn't work.....pardon my ignorance please!

I'll send you comments in the review panel.

Thanks again!