Using Hotspots with audio

Sep 18, 2013


My project had a narrative for each slide, and one slide there will be several hotspots that when hovered over will show more information (from the lightbox slide).

However, I noticed that when previewing, if you hover over the hotspot during the audio, the audio cuts out to go to the lightbox. Is there a way to:

A) allow the audio to keep playing while the hotspot is hovered over?

or B) make the hotspot inactive until the audio completes?

I've been playing around, can't seem to figure it out! Thanks so much! 


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Stephanie: Perhaps someone has a better idea, but off the top of my head I might...

  • create a true false variable (set default to "true")
  • create a trigger to adjust variable to "true" once media (basically your audio file) completes
  • add a condition to the trigger on your hotspot, so that the hotspot only moves to the lightboxed slide when the variable equals true

I've attached the crudest of examples. Let me know if this doesn't do the trick. --Daniel

Stephanie Mahoney

Hi Daniel,

Yes I think that I was trying to figure that out that way! Thank you very much for the example -- it works.

As a follow-up, do you know if I can easily now allow the audio to play through while the hotspot is hovered over? so when the light box slide pops up, the audio still plays -- is that possible?

Thanks so much!


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