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Duane Knudsen

Hi Greg, you may need to push the .pdf file to a web server that all your learners would have access to and then use that location for the hyperlink. From your screenshots, it appears that the hyperlink points to your local C: drive which no one else would have access to (and probably does not even work for you as it is now - - looks like an extra backslash in the path).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

It looks like you're getting some help here from Duane, but I also wanted to point out the additional backslashes were just fixed in update 4 of Storyline that you may want to download. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that when testing items such as links you're testing in the intended publish environment, not locally as you could encounter some security restrictions. 

Greg Rider

Thanks Ashley and Duane for your responses.  Another follow-up question:

Can I have the hyperlink link directly to a pdf I have downloaded into the Resources section of SL? My boss wants to know if there's an option to just link directly to that file from the actual SL course content, rather than click-on the Resource tab, and then click on the file listed there.