using images with transparency


So, I created a transparent color in an image (using Snagit) and when I import it into Storyline, it looks fine (see the two arrow icons in image 1).  However, when I run the course, black appears in the image where the transparent color is supposed to be (image 2).  Any idea about what causes this?



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Cheryl Theis

 I cannot tell you the why, but I can tell you how I addressed this in my course. I snagged a screen shot of the storyline screen, then used the paint bucket selector to obtain the main image background color. I used that color to fill in the transparency. Problem resolved.

Hope this helps you.

Bob Wiker

Are you saving the image as .PNG format? That format works best with transparency, and I prefer it over .GIF format. Note that JPEG format does NOT allow transparency. If you are indeed using PNG, maybe it is PNG-8 rather than PNG-24 or PNG-32? I think all should work, but if in doubt try PNG-24 or PNG-32. Hope this helps.