Using Javascript for special tracking

Nov 29, 2015


I may have asked similar questions these past few weeks, but still can't find a solution. If anyone could walk me through the process I would be more than greatful. Assume I have read any discussion on these boards regarding the topic.

Background info: We are creating some courseware made up of 6 near-identical units.

each slide contains a quiz. obviously we want to track that, and with the TinCan API it's pretty much all written out in the tincan.xml

Some slides however, contain a screencast. During the screencast, some markers pop up, and when  clicked, pause the video and reveal a layer containing several markers, one of which hides the layer and resumes the video, and the rest contain information (text, sometimes local hyperlinks). 

We are interested in tracking clicks for those video-pausing markers, per use if possible. As of now I still haven't figured out how to define those markers as an activity to track using the xAPI, but I believe I read some workarounds that use javascript triggers to define these activities/ enable that kind of custom reporting.

We are uploading our courseware to TalentLMS, which offers reports that treat the whole course as one unit, and not individual elements (this is the reason we split it into 6 units). The reports address natively-created content, which is not the route we chose.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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