Using Javascript via a Trigger

Oct 23, 2017

With success .. I have previously been able to send our LMS complete/incomplete along with a % complete score.. using the javascript below and actioned via a Trigger.

/*Get player to reference*/

var player = GetPlayer();

/*get LMS API*/

var lmsAPI = parent;

/*set score; the first number is the score*/

lmsAPI.SetScore(player.GetVar("RoleModelComplete"), 100, 99);

/*set status; possible values:"completed","incomplete", "failed","passed"*/

if (player.GetVar("RoleModelComplete")>=99)


if (player.GetVar("RoleModelComplete")<=99)



The RoleModelComplete score builds up throughout the learning via a series of checkboxes 

I'm now working on updating the original learning and have found that when I pass the score to the LMS it passes the score on the previous slide even though rolemodelcomplete shows at 100% 

I can't seem to find what I'm doing wrong?

I've since created a slide that learners are taken too if they choose to exit but that's not passing the score through either.

Where do I need to place the trigger so that the LMS captures the right % score?

Can someone take a quick look for me please - I think I've been going round in circles.

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Linda Ladley

Thank you - whilst this 'completes' if the learner achieves 100% that score doesn't show in the LMS. (Only scores 99 and below appear??)

Likewise if the user only completes 50% and then visits again at a later date - the score reporting back to the LMS is still the 50% - although the learning might complete??

Have you any idea why this might be?



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