Using lightboxes in modern player

Hi all,

I had some discussion on this on a previous post I made, but as it was a secondary question it probably didn't garner much attention...

I'm using Storyline and want to lightbox a slide called 'Badges' that can be accessed at any point of the eLearning. I've set it up so that it's a heading at the top of the page. It's all working in terms of functionality, but I'm looking to get a similar lightbox effect to what I've seen in classic player, i.e. so that it superimposes over the original slide in the centre etc. But my slide just sits on top to the side and doesn't look that good!

I've attached an image to show what I want vs what I have, as I probably haven't explained this very well. 

Any suggestions? I'm keen to keep modern player as opposed to classic (which I don't like!). 

Any help would be great.

Many thanks

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Jerry Beaucaire

You would have to ignore the built in "X" in the upper right corner, that will still be there, but there is nothing stopping you from recreating the visuals on the left exactly.

  1. To insure the lightbox centers correctly, start with a full-size black rectangle set to high transparency of your choosing.
  2. Now add your centered image or bordered square with the badges.
  3. Add your own small red "x" and add triggers to make that a close lightbox button.

Should look/act the same when you're done.