Using Links with Microsoft Edge

Hi everyone. Does anyone have any insight into using embedded links within  modules in different browsers? Recently my organization has switched from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Since this happened, there have been a lot of reports that people cannot open a link  that is embedded in a button on the slide, but when tested in the LMS by our development team, the link opens just fine. Additionally, we went to test many different types of links, such as buttons, hotspots, the resources tab, and web objects and they all seemed to work fine.

We are thinking that the problem has to do with some pop-up preferences in individual browser settings but we have so far been unable to identify what setting (if any) is causing the issue. Does anyone have any experience in settings/glitches from various browsers, particularly Microsoft Edge? Any insight will be very helpful.

Thanks so much.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Ronnie,

Hopefully the community can chime in with their insights on how they've transitioned to Edge, but I'm curious about how you're testing the course before loading it to the LMS, as it seems to work as expected there.

Running the file locally could cause security restrictions from the computer and web browser, so it's best to test the file in the intended environment. Looking forward to hearing back!

Ronnie Verdecia

Hi Ren! 

Thanks for your reply on this. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of insight to our LMS module testing, as that is done by a third party server team to our organization. 

To give more background: In the specific situation we're experiencing, I used triggers to disable the Next button until the user clicks a link on the slide, at which point the Next button is re-enabled. The goal was that they could not progress without at least opening a related, required document. 

When the organization was using Internet Explorer as the preferred browser, the course was tested and our server team had no problems opening the document or obtaining completion on the course, but now that the organization has switched over to Edge some users are reporting that the link does not open and the next button does not re-enable. 

However, after assigning myself the course in the system and taking it using Edge, Chrome, and IE, I'm able to complete the course each time. I'm unable to recreate the specific issue some of our users are experiencing.

I'm guessing that this might be due to individual browser settings (such as pop-up settings), so I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same or similar issues.