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El Burgaluva

Ha ha!

I kind of just stumbled across a solution while doing something else...

In the buttons formatting menu:

  • Insert a rounded button
  • Hold SHIFT to size it proportionally(This doesn't work very well; you can only produce smallish circles. After a certain size it starts to warp and no longer remains circular)
  • Select icon (this will be added to the button)

Nevertheless, I'm still looking for a way to insert the icons just as standalone icons, i.e. without needing to add them to a shape.


Antony Snow

Hi El,

I may be wrong, but I don't think the button icons can be inserted as stand-alone icons but if you create a button with the icon you want to use and then make the button fill and button border as 'no colour', you are left with just the icon which you can re-colour as required.

You can then right-click on it and then select 'Save as picture...' to save it as a .png for future use.