Using Markers with Media (websites not opening)

Dec 08, 2020


I'm building small examples on how to user interactive features with Storyline 360.  So, I added in a marker using audio, which works very nice.  Then I tired another one using a website.  What I find, is that it doesn't do anything.  I don't see anything happen when I click on it. What typically are the settings to get a website open up?

As far as using pictures and videos, I'm not finding those particularly useful, because they are pretty small.  Its neat you can do that, but its a bit on the small side.   

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, John!

It sounds like you'd like to open a website from a marker. Is that right?

If yes, one approach is to hyperlink the marker's title and/or description text:

Let me know if these steps help you out!