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I am working my way through my first Storyline Project. Another team member created a template for our project after I'd already created many of the slides. So I have been opening the project and using "insert layout" to add in the layout from the templates. Today I'm working on a different group of slides and want to be able to add layouts, but the template is not showing up when I click "add layout." I have tried to upload the template but all that does is open all the slides and make the project I'm working on disappear. What am I doing wrong?


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Thanks for the response and the illustration. Yes, I have checked there for the layout. That is what is confusing! For other course modules I'd successfully uploaded the Master slides, but for some reason I'm unable to do to that with this particular .story.

Wondering how I would upload the Master slides to be in there for me. 

One of the instructions about using Master Slides said that the .storytemplate file should be in at "%userprofile%\Documents\My Articulate Projects\Storyline Templates". I did find a folder called Storyline Templates, with the desired template inside, but it didn't have that file path as far as I can tell. 

I've also tried method 2 from this page,, which instructs me to hit "Cancel" after opening the .storytemplate file to load it. This did not help. Neither did Method 3. I must be overlooking something, because none of these approaches works!