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Jun 21, 2013


I was referred here by Articulate Support.  I have a diagnostic quiz that was in paper format.  It involves underlines words or passages and the user needs to select "I" for Incorrect and "C" for Correct.  I have the triggers configured to show layers when they pick the wrong answer, but I cannot figure out a way to have each choice to report as a separate question and to have more than one of them per slide.  When I use pick many, it treats it as one question and when I use pick one, I cannot do more than one free form on the slide.  Is there anyone out there that can help me with this?  I just want each choice to be one point and them to be able to review the results at the end of all the slides  There are a total of 100 questions, for probably about 10-11 per slide.



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Meryem M

I think you can do this with Button Sets.  It will take a lot of work with variables (are you feeling up to some variable work?)

See the attached story file.  I set each choice to a separate button set.  This way, only one is selected at a time.  In this example, I set a variable to +1 each time a correct choice is chosen, but that won't work for your quiz because learners will change their choices and so run up their score.

But, each page could have a complex set of triggers on Submit to +1 each time the correct choice is selected.  You'll have to make it impossible to return to previous pages, or else not set a total until all the page subtotals are finalized.  But... the Button Sets prevent both choices being selected for each option. 

With the small buttons I had a hard time getting the right click menu to show the button set option.  Zoom in if you need to to get that right click menu.

Nicole Legault

Hi Ed,

Here's a solution I came up with using states and variables.

For each "I" and "C" button I changed the color of the disabled state to Red or Green. (Red if wrong answer, Green for right answer).

I created a variable called TotalScore, with a default value of zero. Every time you click on a correct answer, it adds "1" to the TotalScore variable.

When a user clicks on the "I" or "C" button, they are prompted with a Correct or Incorrect layer. There are two additional triggers on each "I" and "C" button which are to Disable both buttons when one is clicked (so you can't keep clicking them and adding points to the TotalScore).

The user can see their Total Score at the bottom, and then they can review the questions and see which answer was correct or incorrect (using the green or red color).

I hope this solution works for you. I've included a .story file for you to use. You should be able to copy and paste the "I" and "C" buttons I created, and all the triggers will remain on the buttons. Let me know if you need any additional help!

Nicole Legault

Happy to help, Ed! Don't hesitate to post again if you run into any problems while you're learning about variables, states, and layers. I think you'll find using those three things will really help you bring your Storyline projects to the next level!

Here's a few handy how-to tutorials that might help you out:

Good luck! =)

Andrew Wallander

I am attempting to set up a Storyline 2 interactive demo of an order form. The demo includes a slide with various products and when the learner clicks on a product it captures the item description and price. The demo allows one or more items to be added and after the user submits the "order" the "order' is transferred to a summary form and shows the item description(s) and total.  I'm familiar with calculate and somewhat with variables and layers but this project has me stumped on how to transfer the order to another layer.  I would also like to add layers for each item that tells more about the item than what the graphic shows. i.e. "this item can worn all year long". Has anyone attempted this and how did you did you do it?  Thanks Community

Katherine Plastich

Hello Heroes, 

Hope you can help, searched for similar topic could not find....

Q - is it possible to have more than one Incorrect feedback layer/response, depending on how the user answers the question.  I have free form quiz questions whereby user can select one of three options.  Correct feedback layer has specific statement for correct answer selected. If user selects incorrect answer 2 or 3 -  we want to have a different Incorrect layer with a specific statement response.  Is this doable in SL2? If yes, can you provide some direction on how to create?  Thanks for this!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Katherine -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question!

If there's a certain participant you'd like to reach in particular, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their individual profile pages. Otherwise, it might be more helpful if you were able to upload a file you may already have created to help illustrate what you have in mind. All you'll need to do is use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can browse/upload from there! :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine can have as many feedback layers as you want. Create the second feedback layer then add the triggers

show layer Incorrect A when user clicks submit button on condition that option 'a' is selected

show layer incorrect B when user clicks submit button on condition that option 'b' is selected

Hope that helps - if not, as Christie said it's easier for someone to offer a solution specific to your file setup if you can upload your .story file.

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