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Wendy Farmer

Hi Geraldine

SL only reports one results slide, so your developer could try this:

Quiz 1 - has own result slide

Quiz 2 - has own result slide

Quiz 3 - has own result slide

Create a new result slide that combines the 3 result slides...for this you select 'selected result slides' instead of 'selected questions' when tracking.

Hope that helps

nikol elliott

hi - is there a way to have a results slide that will review other results slides WITHOUT the learner needing to touch every quiz?

I'm running into this issue, and I found this tip:

Tip: When combining multiple result slides into a master result slide, learners will need to visit each of the tracked result slides to complete the course. Otherwise, the course status will be marked incomplete.

Basically, the situation is that I have multiple languages in one course, and each have the same final 1-question quiz. I just need for the learner to answer the 1 question in any language and that reports to the LMS.


any thoughts are helpful!

nikol elliott

hi - I've read over all the threads, but I think I'm still confused about how to do this correctly. I've recreated a stripped down version of what I want to do so maybe someone can assist me, or let me know what I'm missing.

Basically, I need to be able to trigger completion status regardless of which quiz someone has taken. I think I need to use a Results of Results slide, but I don't know if I have set it up correctly. I've tried it several different ways and it won't trigger in our LMS even if I get to the Results page.

any guidance is appreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nikol! Thanks for sharing. I see the issue that you are running into now with the completion.

I do know that our documentation states the following, but I feel like we've had users get around this:

When combining multiple result slides into a master result slide, learners will need to visit each of the tracked result slides to complete the course. Otherwise, the course status will be marked incomplete.

I will try to search a bit more for you.

Rob Puricelli

I'm having a similar issue as many of the people posting above but I'm not seemingly able to find a solution that meets my needs. I've read this and numerous other threads here and can't seem to find a definitive answer, which leads me to suspect that what I wish to achieve is currently not possible.

Put simply, I am looking to create a single module that then has a number of identical quizzes, each in a different language that the learner can select from. The learner will have to pass 70% or higher to complete the module. I then want the module to report both the completion status and score to my Cornerstone LMS.

I have found a nice and simple solution in this thread which allows me to create any number of multi-lingual quizzes, each with their own results slide, which are then gathered up in a 'master' results slide that reports to the LMS.

However, I need the 'master' results slide to report back the exact passing score of the chosen quiz as opposed to an aggregate score or a nil score.

I'm currently stumped by this and would love to hear from anyone that has found a solution that they'd be willing to share.

Many thanks in advance!


nikol elliott

 I also found some of the solutions in other threads a bit confusing. After tons of research, and tinkering around, I figured out a way to do this. It is not elegant, and is a bit clunky, but it gets the job done.

I basically had all of the quizzes converge into one quiz that was really just a click through page. Then I disguised the results slide as a "you may now exit the course" page. This is what triggers completion.

I've attached some screenshots and brief description of what I did. Happy to elaborate more if you have any questions.

This example is for two languages, but I have another course set up in a similar way and has 7 languages.

Rob Puricelli

Hi Nikol,

Many thanks for this, I really appreciate your input.

What I'm really after, and what I think is currently not possible, is getting that final result slide to out put the actual score they got in their choice of exam. For example, the pass rate we set is 70%, so if they score 8 out of 10, they'll get 80%. However, using your method, they will receive a score of 100%. Now, for many people, this might not be a problem, but my boss wants them to see their exact score in the LMS. And that's my problem :-(

But thank you so much for your input. If I find a solution, I'll be sure to post it here.