Using Next/Previous Page Curl swfs

Hi All - I have some page curl swfs that were widgets that I used for a project in Captivate. I'm now doing a "sister" project and am using the same notebook theme but now I am creating it in Storyline. I thought since the page curl files were swfs that I might be able to use them as is, but they don't seem to be working as they do in Captivate (well, they do make the page curl motion, but they don't go to the next/previous slide). Even when I add a trigger to them (see .story attached) they don't perform the requested function.

Are there similar page curls available for SL or is there a way to make these work?



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Jennifer St. George

Hi Laura,

I downloaded your file and put a clear button over the corner and added a trigger, seems to work.  You will have to go in and edit the states and format the button so it will be completely clear but hey, it works!  You should be able to copy/paste it across all of your pages since the trigger associated with it would be generic.

Hope this helps!


Laura Fast

Hi Jennifer - thanks so much for the suggestion. Would you be able to post the changed file? When I did as you suggested, it did work in triggering the next slide, but the animation (when the corner peels back and the word "next" appears) was working funky.

I wanted to see if I had missed something.