Using Notes, Text to Speech, and Close Captioning

I would love people's feedback on using Notes vs. Close Captioning and best practices. We also use text to speech so from a development aspect, I find it very difficult if the speaker notes are only in the text to speech narrative. Does anyone have the speaker notes only in the text to speech narration and not in the notes? How is that working for you from a development perspective?

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Matthew Bibby

Kristin, see here.

Whether you are using text to speech or natural audio, it doesn't really change things. 

Closed captions are the way to go. No question about it in my opinion.

You can make closed captions show by default if you don't want people to have to click the button to show them. 

Also, don't make development decisions based on what's easy. Do the best work that you can and make informed decisions about the use of different Storyline features. 

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