Using number counting Variables in Storyline - how to stop counting?

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of queries that I hope somebody out there can help me with. It may be simple but I just can't seem to crack this.

I currently have a page where I have hot spots for information on a piece of text. The users need to click in the correct phrases that need to be manipulated to show their awareness of skills. There are only 4 phrses that the users need to select, and after finding all 4, I want to display a layer that says they have found all 4 phrases.

I have set up two variables so far:

A True/False variable- currently the hotspots are set to False and change to True once clicked.

CountCurrentClicks- This counts the clicks on the phrases when the variable above changes to True and Adds 1 each time you click on the phrase and the Variable is True.

What I want to do is for the counter to only Add 1, once each time the phrase has been clicked. Totalling 4 once they have found all 4 phrases. But what seems to happen is that it keeps Adding 1 every time a user clicks the phrase again because the first Variable has become True.

Is there a function where I can set it so that it only Adds 1, the first time the phrase has been clicked? It should not add any more after that, even if the phrase is clicked again.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Best wishes,



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