Using one instance of video file in all slides.

Aug 12, 2018

I'm quite new to Storyline, but I've noticed that if I use one exact copy of a video file in several slides Storyline creates a new copy for each one in the content output, which to me doesn't seem optimal. Can't Storyline just refer to the files name and use just that instance? - I can't see the logic behind this. 

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Peter Moore

Yeah - they're definately not a solution for every situation.

I havn't seen the red frame on a lightbox that  you speak of though? Wondering if this something coming from the way you have your slides designed or player properties set?  For me, I go for a totally borderless / frameless player so my lightboxes are a white rectangle only - nothing else - no borders.  See screenshot attached.

But that close button - the X in the top right corner... is a real design problem that currently can't be re-positioned or switched off to my knowledge.  I'd certainly prefer my own custom close button placed in the top right corner the slide itself.

I do however, place an invisible hotspot button over the top left area of the screen where the text "INFO" is displayed. Just to provide an alternate way of closing the box if someone clicks that area.

Best wishes on the video file solution too.

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