Using 'Or' variable for text choices

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The example asks users to input a word to then checks if the word is correct.  However the spelling must be exact. I was hoping to use the 'or' variable to allow for multiple answer variations, but didn't have much luck.   I know there is a quiztype that allows for variations so I might try that route but I wanted to get thoughts from the community on this in general.



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Trey McNabb

I had a little luck changing the trigger for incorrect from 'variable equals' to 'variable changes' then putting my OR statement in the conditions. For the first item (pretty please), I added the or statement on the incorrect side but made the whole trigger 'when variable changes'. Then I added prettyplease as an OR part of the test. When I ran it this way, both pretty please and prettyplease gave me a green (correct) box. Anything else gave me red.