Using pictures, transparent shapes and layers in Chrome

Hi All,

I read a lot of threads about html5 and/or Google Chrome issues, but  until now I wasn't able to find the solution or the answer. 

So, I've created a course with a slide containing a bigger picture (cube), 9 transparent shapes and 9 small pictures. What my plan was: 

- clicking a transparent shape shows a layer, then change the transparent shape to a picture - highlighting  that is is visited.

- when all the shapes clicked, player's next button would appear.

So it not a difficult one, just working with option mentioned in the subject.

And my headache is:

It's working fine in preview mode and under IE10, but totally fails under Chrome. I've tried several web publish options (it should be made this way), but I've always failed. 

Hope you can help me with this issue. As it contains sensitive information I cannot share the content - but if you need I would fill the layers with "lorem ipsum" and share it. 

Thanks in advance



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