Using Previous and Next buttons with quiz questions

Mar 19, 2021

I'm having trouble using the Previous and Next arrows when they are going from a page to a quiz question. Sometimes it seems to work ok. Sometimes you can go back but then you can't go forward again. Sometimes when I try to go back to the question, I can see it flash for a moment and then it goes back to the screen I was on. Are there special considerations when you are using previous and next when a quiz question is in the mix. It's not about whether they got it right, just about being able to navigate thru the course. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, someone mentioned an exit course button. Is there a built in one you can add?



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rosemary,

It's difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the file, but I'll try to help.

When you insert a Graded Question slide, its default Slide Properties look like this:

  • With these settings, Storyline will automatically decide what to do when revisiting the slide. This works quite well when you've got a quiz followed by a Results slide that lets the user Review and/or Retry the quiz. 
  • The Prev and Next checkboxes are not checked. However, with auto-decide, Storyline will still show those buttons during a Review. It won't show them during Retry

You can change any of the Slide Properties. So, for example, if you want the Prev button to always show, just check that checkbox. If you want the slide to always have the user answer the question again, switch the When revisiting dropdown to Reset to initial state. 

Obviously, any changes to these settings impacts how the slide works in different situations. So think through exactly what you want the program to do, and be sure to use consistent settings.

Re: an exit button. Storyline has an Exit course action. So you can create your own exit button with that trigger.


Rosemary Aylward

Thanks so much. That led me to what I needed to fix the situation. I turned on the Previous and Next buttons and that allowed them to navigate back and forth.

The weird thing was I have 2 tracks in the training depending on their role. The quiz questions and navigation was the same in both. I had these triggers on one and it worked fine. I put the same triggers in the other branch and it didn't work.

Thanks much

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