Using Previous Buttons with Question Banks

I am finding that users taking exams on mobile machines are exiting their tests by hitting the back buttons on browsers - and failing - because we set our tests to pass fail.  

Part of the reason for this, I think is that they want to review their questions but are unable to swipe backward or click on the back buttons because I am drawing questions from a question bank - and have been unable to get the back button to show - except in preview mode when I select all slides and select back buttons.

Any suggestions on how to handle this greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Roger!  The first thing I would check is if you have the Next and Previous buttons enabled for each of your question bank quiz slides.  You can edit the questions in your question bank, and you can add those button right from the question bank list:


Storyline 360 makes it easy to preview how your project will look on different devices:

In this "tablet landscape" view, I can see that I have my previous and next arrows, as well as the submit checkmark for this question slide.

Let me know what your setup is there, and I'll give you some next steps!