Using print javascript - full screen is not printing

I am trying to allow users to print a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  I have a print button that is using javascript to initiate the print dialogue box to come up.  When I print the right side and bottom of the page are cut off.  I have tried doing fit to screen in the print dialogue or even reducing size to 75% and I just get more white space when I print and a smaller version of the certificate with the same area cut off.  Any ideas?

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Jennifer,

do you have a sample storyline file which you can show us here?

What Browser and OS are you using? Since the print dialogue is part of the OS (and the browser) your problem is hard to fix without any further information.

By the way: this problem occurs on other websites as well. Most time it shows up when a page has got a very huge width.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jan,

Thanks for chiming in to help Jennifer here, although I'm not certain she's still subscribed to the thread since it was from about 5 months ago. If you have other thoughts to share, it's always great to include them here in case someone else stumbles upon this thread as you did with the same situation! 

Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Ashley,

well, I'm not certain either, but since this is a problem which can occur on other occations I thought I write one or two lines...

As far as I can analyse the bits Jennifer wrote I come to a conclusion that there might be at least one html-object on the browser's page (maybe white text on white ground = invisible to one's eye). This object is outside the boundery of the articulate course. Of course there can be other reasons. Jennifer did not describe her settings, the course, the computer, OS, etc.

I don't know the further "course setting", Jennifer is using to play the content. Maybe she has edited the articulate course manually...

[EDIT] ... or the inserted the course with a LMS and the LMS-Player is responsible for this strange printout, because the LMS is placing at least one object far away from the course.

The problem she writes about is very familiar to people who use MS Excel. The have got a table with 10 rows an 5 colums and are wondering why excel prints it with a lot of space. Usually there is a cell with some content "far away" from that table and if they try to print it they will get a small table on their print out and a lot of space.


Check if there are any objects "outside" the articulate player (this could happen, if you edit your course manually).

Check the browser settings/printing dialouge settings! Papersize? Orientation: portrait or landscape? Fit to page yes/no?

What is the generelll size of your screen and your articulate player? Browsers will chop the right part if the objects have got a huge width. Try to print out commercial pages like amazon and you will see what I mean.