Using Question Banks with Variables and Triggers

I'm trying to figure out if what I'd like to do is possible in Storyline.  I believe it is, I just can't seem to find the information I need to do it.

Here's the gist: We're building a training in the style of an old video game.  At certain places in the 'game' we will jump to a question from the Question Bank (randomized).  If they get the answer correct, it will jump to a scene of your character attacking the enemy, and the enemy's health bar will drop (so I'll need a variable, call it EnemyHealth to change by one when hit).  If you get the answer wrong, your health bar will drop (variable HeroHealth).  This will continue until one health bar reaches zero, at which time you will either jump back to the beginning or move on.  How can I tie the result of a question answer from the question bank to a trigger that changes a specific variable?  I hope my question makes sense! 

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Simon Perkins

Hi Fletcher

I've made a demo that asks a random question (from a bank of 3), adjusts the relevant score accordingly, then sends the learner back to the content slide.  The important thing here is to reset the results slide (even though the results slides doesn't need to be displayed) after each question as this enables the randomising to take place each time the bank is called.  In this instance I've done the reset at the start of the content slide as doing it on the correct/incorrect layers caused an issue.

Naturally you can have as many content slides as you like and as many banks/questions etc.  

I hope this help.


Simon!  That was awesome and did the trick.  Thank you so much!  I was able to build it out using your demo and it works great.  Just one more question for you: is there a way you can keep it random, but after a question is asked it won't be asked again?  I'm trying to avoid the issue of a user being asked the question more than once.